Monday, October 20, 2008

TV commercial
The television commercial for Hari Raya by PETRONAS is very meaningful. It is begin with a man at his father’s grave. He looks at his son and he begins dreaming of his past while he was young. He was playing with his friend and his father asked him to go to shop. He walks angrily. When he come back, he wrote a letter to his father ask for money for making him do many things. His father seems not responding. He doesn’t want to eat. Then he sulks in his room. He saw a letter from his father said all cost of raising him is no charge because his father loves him more than anything on earth. He fall asleep and his father came look at him. Then he come back to him now and said he will always say prayer to his father and that’s all no charge.

Important lesson I learn from playing as a child
When I was 11 years old, I learned a lesson about love and relationship from my pet, Putih. I called her Putty. Putty had three little kittens, Oreo, Kunni, and Compo. They are very cute. When they were born I saw Putty licked them. I wonder why she doing that. I’d love to see she feed her children. She lied down and her children come. I don’t how they can find it because at that time their eyes didn’t open yet. One day, when they’re big enough to run a break hearted incident had happened. Oreo was playing with his sisters on the road in front of my house. Suddenly a car runs on him. Putty quickly runs to him. I bring Oreo to side. Putty looks so sad. After Oreo’s died Putty wasn’t on appetite. Another day after that, she died the same way as her son. My mom told me, that’s a mother love. Children are everything to a mother.

Rite of passage
Before leaving school hood, all of students in my school will have a graduation ceremony. In this ceremony, all of students must wear a special clothes; caps and tassels. After that, the special guests will arrive and everyone sing national song together. The special guest, usually Minister of Education will give a speech. Then the principal calls their names and they walk across the stage. The minister or special guest gives them the scroll, their certificate. At the end of the ceremony, all of students and teachers will gathered and take picture. They throw their caps as they happy of their success. Next, the students go to meet their teacher for the last but not forever.

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